About Me

I started recording by making demos for my band using a four-track cassette tape recorded. It was fun. In 2004 I purchased my first DAW, Cakewalk. It was also fun. Sometime later my brother gave me my first Pro Tools rig, Pro Tools LE. I noticed a huge difference in the quality of the audio recording. I also started learning the production process.

Soon after, I started a gig doing sound professionally, working for full time touring acts. The knowledge and experience acquired during this period propelled me into buying quality professional gears. I made the final leap when I purchased my Pro Tools HD rig- the pinnacle of sound production systems.

Why Choose Me

Recording studios around here rely mainly on the old analog systems, which have there draw backs. The bulk of their work is making demos for bands to give club owners. These bands want to go to a studio in the morning and leave in the afternoon with a project. The bottom line is studios don't make enough money and can't afford the cost of upgrading to the systems used to make today’s hit records. They also cannot provide the quality you get with today’s hit records. And there's also the learning curve with the new technology.

Your project deserves the best engineers, the best equipment, the knowledge and experience required to produce your project to a standard you would expect to receive from any major recording, mixing and mastering studio. My services are of the highest quality and yet very affordable.

My Mission

My goal was to learn how the pros produced a record, what gear, DAWS, plugins and recording techniques that are deployed by the true professionals in the field. I studied all aspects of recording, mixing and mastering to achieve this goal. My focus is to provide major label results at local studio pricing. 

We are located in northern Rhode Island