Pricing varies depending on several factors. Number of tracks, number of songs, instruments used, the amount of editing, mixing and mastering time required, How much does a major label shell out for a song, check this out.  This link gives an excellent example of the different steps that goes into making a record. Not all of these steps are required for all projects and you likely have much of this covered. We can guide you through what steps are essential for your project and how they can be achieved on a modest budget. Your success is our success.

Our goal is to provide major studio quality at a very reasonable price. I've made my money and do not rely on this work to support myself. That being said rates range from $25.00 to $75.00 per hour.

Great results and affordable pricing is a big part of our mission as is helping artists achieve their goals.    

Contact us about your project and we will put together pricing and discuss what options are available to you. And if your project is not a perfect fit with us we will direct you to a studio that is. 

We are also willing to sign some artists of original music who are career minded to a contract that requires no upfront cost. Do you feel you have a talent and songs that are exceptional then we are interested in talking with you.