Mixing:   Today projects can easily be transferred from one location to another. It can also allow for the critical review necessary to insure your project represents your vision as you intend it to be.

Each step in the process requires different equipment, skills and experience. This where the song becomes a record. From editing to track balancing and applying effects, a good mix tightens, opens up and makes the music more powerful and exciting. A good mix translates the artists intention with all the emotion and vibe expressed in the performance to the audience at large.

Before and After mixes are available upon request.

Tip: Bring your recorded tracks here for a professional mix

Mastering:    Arranging tracks, spacing of songs, adding meta data, and producing the master file is the final step before your project goes the manufacturing plant. This is also where the final frequency check occurs, levels are set, and the final polish is added. Here music is processed at 96K-32bit floating point. This higher frequency and bit depth rate allows for complex calculations that are free of all artifacts. Liner based processing allows for precise frequency balancing without unwanted harmonic distortion. A final balancing and adjustments that never colors the sound of the original mix.                          

Before and after mastering projects are available upon request. 

Tip: Digital transfers insure error free masters  

Recording:  Recording exceptional tracks is the foundation of every good recording project. Good mics, pre-amps, converters, a neutral room and the knowledge of mic and equipment placement. Meters that measure RMS and Peak values and a good monitoring system. Items you will find in every recording studio has that has ever recorded a hit record.

A list of available gear is available on request.

Tip: Have a home studio, record your vocals here for that professional sound    

Producing:    Record Producers play an essential part in the management of the recording project. Producers plan each step of the production and have an in depth knowledge of the entire process. Producers also know about gear and the recording techniques widely used by professionals in the industry. Record Producers also make sure the experience is positive for everyone involved to insure a successful project. The first thing a major label does after signing a artist is hire a producer.

We providing production services with all recording and mixing projects.

Consulting:   Need help setting up your studio. Would like to have your studio evaluated or looking for information on upgrading. Need information on gear for both live and studio applications. Want recording, mixing or mastering lessons.

We can assist you with all your music production needs.

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