Mixing, the Critical Component to any Hit Record

Recording, Mixing and Mastering,  how do they help produce a hit record.

First thing you need is a well thought out arrangement of a great song. You need talented performers, engineers, and in some cases tons of money.

The first step Recording. Poorly recorded tracks can't be Mixed or Mastered into something great. Tracks recorded with less than stellar equipment, instruments, mics, pre-amps, line processing will never have that professional sound, why? Everything used in the process must have the ability to produce, capture and reproduce the entire frequency spectrum. Above the fundamental frequencies, it's the resolving tones, and the harmonics that give all the warmth, clarity, the punch, and sheen. Without the full frequency response a song will sound flat, mono, lackluster, and have none of the elements needed to support the critical message and the artists intent for the song.

With this in mind every artist, engineer, producer at some point declares it's starting to sound like a record. This is usually during the mixing process.

A well recorded song with organized tracks, most of the editing complete takes a day to a day and one half to mix. A good mix engineer can take those well recorded tracks manipulate them into a song with the clarity, punch, and deliver a mix that's interesting, engaging, and invokes the emotions as the artist intended. Most professional engineers agree it takes an average of ten years, under proper supervision to become the type of mix engineer you'll find mixing today's top hits. The mix engineer has a well trained ear, a complete understanding of how frequencies react both alone and integrated into a complicated group of tracks, also the use of special tools and techniques that together make the magic associated with a hit record. This is when a song becomes a record.

The primary task of the Mastering Engineer is to prepare the compilation for the replication plant. CD's are typically supplied to the plant in the DDP format. This format contains all the information needed for the pressing and includes all the all required meta data. Mastering Engineers also add continuity to the compilation by insuring all the material has equal levels, they analyze the overall frequency response and make necessary Eq adjustments to insure the overall clarity of the project.

A great song, a great arrangement, and performance, recorded well by people utilizing professional equipment gives the mix engineer what he needs to create that magic and mix that hit record. Most professional mastering engineers agree a great mix requires little attention and this is what makes a great project.

Mix Engineers can mix from any where in the world and generally do. My mission is to provide the quality associated with hit records but at a much more affordable price.